J&C Real Estate

Message from president

In the name of Chairman of J & C Real Estate Co., Ltd please allows me to share you our ability, quality, standard and services.

To date, we have tried our best to find good ways in providing house with modern and stylist design and standardized quality. So far, the J & C Real Estate Co., Ltdhas built luxurious houses with more creative and modernized design to comprehensively improve real estate sector in Cambodia and make contribution to the development of real estate sector and employments for people.

J & C Real Estate Co., Ltd is honorable to announce that in 2014 our work was carried out smoothly, and many achievements  were produced such as office building, important activities and other attainments.  J & C Real Estate Co.,Ltdis actively expanding its business in land development and residential house construction named Borey J & C. Although J & C Real Estate Co., Ltd is newly established, we have strong commitment and extensive experiences and management skill related to quality control from Japan. In this project development, we will build hundred kinds of buildings with different designs such as Town House, Link House, Small Villas and department stores.

I strongly believe and hope that the ASEAN Economic Integration 2015 will open up opportunity and assist the J & C Real Estate Co., Ltd to better move forward and sustainably accelerate the national economy. Additionally, I guarantee that our buildings are built with good quality for long-term use and internally and externally designed with modern concept, safe environment, and all buildings are equipped with good-quality materials and affordable price. Although we are newly-established company, your trust is our priority.